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Gaur City- One of the top townships in Greater Noida

Gaur City is a sprawling integrated township nestled in the heart of Greater Noida West, India. Spanning over an expansive 237 acres, this well-planned township is the epitome of modern living, a home to more than 1.5 lakh residents. Developed by Gaurs Group, one of the country's leading real estate developers, Gaur City has earned its reputation as one of the most sought-after residential destinations in the region.

The township is divided into two phases - Gaur City 1 and Gaur City 2. Each phase is thoughtfully designed, equipped with all the necessary amenities that attracts people from all walks of life. Gaur City's strategic location and thoughtful design have contributed to its popularity and success.

Recreational Amenities:


Gaur City caters to a variety of recreational activities with three beautiful parks that offer serene green spaces for relaxation and enjoyment to residents of all ages. Moreover, each avenue within the township has its own shopping complex, making daily conveniences easily accessible to the residents.

For entertainment and shopping, Gaur City Mall stands tall as the biggest mall in Greater Noida West, sprawling over an impressive 26 lakh square feet. This mall offers residents a fantastic shopping experience and access to a 9-screen theater, perfect for a delightful movie outing with the family & friends.

Furthermore, Gaur City Center, another high-street retail destination, enhances the shopping experience and provides a wide array of options for residents. In conclusion, Gaur City is not just a township; it is a dream brought to life. With its thorough planning, recreational amenities, educational institutions, healthcare provisions, and entertainment options, it has become one of the ideal living destinations for lakhs of people. Gaurs Group's commitment to providing a convenient lifestyle has transformed Gaur City into a symbol of modern living and community living in Greater Noida, India.


One of the standout features of Gaur City's connectivity is its proximity to the Sector 52 Metro Station, which is a mere 15-minute drive away. This direct access to the metro network provides residents with a hassle-free and efficient means of commuting to various parts of Delhi-NCR. Whether it's for work, leisure, or simply exploring the city.

Furthermore, it is just 15 min. from the Delhi Border, allowing for seamless connectivity to the national capital. In addition to its proximity to the metro station and the Delhi Border, Gaur City also enjoys close proximity to National Highway 24 (NH-9), which is only 2.5 kilometers away. NH-9 is a vital arterial road that connects Greater Noida to several key destinations in the region, making travel by road quick and convenient.

Looking ahead, the upcoming metro station at Gaur Chowk adds another layer of connectivity to Gaur City's already impressive network. This upcoming metro station promises to further enhance accessibility for the residents, ensuring that they are well-connected to the rapidly expanding Delhi-NCR metro system.

Transportation and parking facilities are well-planned as well. The presence of two petrol pumps ensures easy accessibility to fuel, while the provision of a multi-level car parking accommodates approx. 6,000 vehicles, solving a grave parking issue.


Having two schools in the township, Gaurs International School, plays a crucial role in providing a robust foundation for the education of children and aligns perfectly with the "Walk to School" concept. Gaurs International School stands out for its commitment to meeting the educational needs of our children.

One noteworthy aspect of Gaurs International School is its extensive range of facilities, which enrich the overall learning experience. From state-of-the-art classrooms to well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and recreational spaces, the school ensures that students have access to all the resources they need for a comprehensive education. Moreover, the school's exceptional infrastructure underscores an optimal learning environment. Modern and safe buildings, well-maintained grounds, and advanced technology integration contribute to a nurturing atmosphere where students can thrive academically and socially.

Sports in Gaur City:


Sports enthusiasts are in for a treat at Gaur City, as the township includes an expansive 18-acre Gaur City Sports Complex. This sports hub offers a wide array of opportunities for residents to get indulged in various sports and recreational activities. It features a Day and Night Cricket Stadium, Football stadium, Tennis court, Badminton court, volleyball court, Athletic track, Basket Ball court, and even an Open Gymnasium, catering to a diverse range of interests.

The Yuzvendra Chahal Cricket Academy and Baichung Bhutia Football Academy have made Gaur City Sports Complex, the most revered location in terms of offering expert coaching to passionate sports enthusiasts. This makes the sports complex not only a beloved destination but also a highly esteemed one in the region, where residents can hone their skills and pursue their sporting passions with professional guidance.



In the pursuit of providing residents with luxurious lifestyle, the group has developed "The Gaurs Sarovar Premiere" hotel, to this vibrant township. This opulent hotel is nestled conveniently within the vicinity, offering residents the opportunity to indulge in a world-class hospitality experience right at their doorstep.Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or any other significant occasion, residents can bask in the luxury of this exceptional establishment, making every moment truly unforgettable.

One of the most remarkable highlights of this township is the recent collaboration with the globally renowned hotel chain, Radisson. The presence of Radisson within the township signifies a commitment to delivering world-class standards of hospitality and guest experience. Residents can benefit from this esteemed association, enjoying top-tier amenities and services provided by a trusted global brand.

HealthCare Facilities:

Healthcare facilities are another essential aspect that Gaur City has taken into account. With a multi-specialty Hospital, "Sarvodaya Hospital", residents can rest assured knowing that their medical needs are also well-attended within the confines of the township. Sarvodaya Hospital offers a wide range of medical services and specialties, providing residents with access to top-notch healthcare facilities.

This inclusion of a multi-specialty hospital creates a holistic living environment that prioritizes the health and well-being of its residents. Whether it's routine check-ups, medical emergencies, or specialized treatments, contributing significantly to the overall quality of life.

Championing Sustainability:

Gaur City is leading the charge in sustainability by embracing "Zero Waste" and implementing eco-friendly initiatives. They've introduced solid waste management systems, sewage treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels in their projects to preserve the environment and save natural resources. Their commitment to sustainability promoting eco-friendly practices among residents, making it a perfect example for sustainable living.


Amidst the modernity and urban living, the developer has thoughtfully incorporated spaces for spiritual and religious needs. Gaur City offers two beautiful temples, one in Gaur City 1 and another in Gaur City 2, acknowledging the significance of spirituality in the lives of its residents. The group’s decision to include not just one, but two temples within the township provides a holistic living experience and serves as a place to seek solace, peace, and connect with their faith.