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  • We take this opportunity to extend our heartiest thanks to all of you for buying your dream homes with us. We are extremely happy to have you all included in the ever-growing GAURSONS Family. We believe that no brand ambassador can be as good as an ambassador like our buyers themselves and hence consider you to be our well-wishers & our brand ambassadors.
  • Since our inception, we have always been inclined in fulfilling all our promises made to our esteemed customers. In fact in Gaur City too, we take all the measures to fulfill our commitments, abided by all legal compliances and have built a huge infrastructure to support your beautiful lifestyle. Be it the temple, school, local shopping complexes, multi-level car parking, three city level parks-Radha Krishna Park , Lake Park and Dada Dadi Park/ Children Park, a beautiful Gaur city club/stadium, petrol pump, milk booth, all the basic amenities like, roads, electricity, water supply, internet, security cameras etc.
  • Since 2014, families are staying in the township. Perhaps Gaursons Group is the only group which got around 7500 units completion in GNIDA. It is a pride moment for the Gaursons Group to deliver the maximum number of possessions in such a shorter span, which on the other hand is just a promise on papers for our counterparts in the domain in whole of Greater Noida. Without your support it would not have been a reality for sure! The city today stands apart from all the societies as an ideal township, where we have taken extra measures to give you all open and beautiful spaces inside each avenue/ GC and outside; the Lake Park having an artificial lake, Radha Krishna Park which has jogging tracks and Dada-Dadi park meant for children and elderly persons recreational activities.
  • Taking things forward, we have a developed Gaur City Club/ Stadium, which is spread over a huge land of sprawling greenery and is built with the international size cricket stadium, football, athletics track, open gym, skating rink, jogging track, open parks, and with all the International standard Day n Night floodlight facility. Apart from this many other facilities are under development in the Gaur City Club like huge size swimming pool, indoor badminton courts, squash court, huge size fitness center/ gym, kid’s zone, billiards, banquet and party halls. Not only the residents but also the outsiders also get surprised to see such a huge and beautiful facility. But in the recent days, suddenly some people started the propaganda that this club/stadium should be availed for free, which comes as a complete surprise to us. And moreover, no clubs or sports stadiums are for free anywhere not even government run sports stadiums! Secondly making it free shall ruin the whole infrastructure and defy the purpose. Rather to run it efficiently and also to make it available for all we have annual membership at subsidized rates for members, which is around Rs.12.34/- per day for adults and about Rs.8.22/- per day for dependents/children. This comes to be around Rs 370/- per month for adult and around Rs.250/- per month for dependents/children. Annually the charges come upto INR 3,500 for dependent/children and INR 4,500 for adults.
  • Because it’s a township, at the time of offering for the sale we have planned plenty of facilities like shopping complex, schools, hotels/ offices, malls/multiplexes, multi-level parking, petrol pumps, stadiums etc. Subsequently they are built gradually. While some have been completed, some are under development. But in no documents these are mentioned to be free. In fact, you should be proud to know that you are living in a township where all the promised facilities actually exist. Kindly don’t be confused with the term free, whatever is free that is carefully provided within your group housing plot. Inside your group housing plot everything is included in the cost but outside the group housing sector if you are using any facility you have to follow certain rules & regulations and also bear the charges.
  • By conducting protest and spreading negativity in media by few residents/tenants, it is just that you are making your own house meddled. Your developer’s reputation is being hampered no doubt but it’s actually biting you back, as you are the owner of a property there. If the reputation of your township is being spoiled the resell and rental value of your property is actually going down. Instead of spreading negativity you can rather focus on the best features of your township like zero garbage, Sewage Treatment Plant, solar plants, walk to school concept, mall, petrol pump, temple etc. which are the unique selling points of your township unlike others. In this way you can take your township to a next level and live with utmost dignity in your own world. So it is our sincere request not to support such activities/ rumours.
  • In Gaur City thousands of families are residing. It is not possible to meet each and every one in person. We have suggested you to make committees tower wise. You can form one or two representatives from each tower so that in the mean while the RWA is functioning your committee can help your queries reach us. Out of the representatives so selected; two from each avenue can form a township level committee to give us the valuable feedback. Director’s id is also mentioned there on all the blocks you can reach us through that also. Your queries and suggestions are the most valuable feedbacks for us and they are always welcome.
  • Finally, we will request you all not to get carried away by rumors and wrong information being spread by some antagonists. Our team is available to answer your queries, thus feel free to reach out to us for any clarifications. With all the amenities provided to the integrated township, which is one of its kind, let’s try to make Gaur City even better by our collaborative efforts.

Thanks and Regards

MD'S Desk

Gaursons Group of Companies.