Is Your Home Vaastu-Friendly? ?>

Is Your Home Vaastu-Friendly?

Gaursons Vaastu Friendly Home
Gaursons Vaastu Friendly Home

Buying and constructing a house on your own is supposed to be the most difficult task for anyone and buying a home which is Vaastu-friendly is even more difficult today.

We have often heard that a house structure must be designed in such a way (both internal and external) that it would bring good luck and peace to the house owners. So if you are planning to buy an apartment or building a private home then, it is very crucial for you to follow certain guidelines that bring prosperity in your home and able to throw away the negative factors.

Due to lack of space, now a day in many countries flats and apartment culture was largely extended and hence, Vaastu has also achieved a significant importance in the real estate segment.

It has also become one of the major considerations of end users while investing in a property. Gaursons India Ltd. is one big name in the construction segment which is offering well-equipped housing with Vaastu friendly design.  All major projects that are designed and constructed by the company ensure strict adherence to Vaastu Shastra in their directions and layouts.

It is never too late and if you want to enjoy health, wealth, and peace. Here, are few tricks that will help you to make your home Vaastu friendly.

1- Home Entrance is an important Vaastu condition. East direction is supposed to be very auspicious for a home entrance. As the sun rises in the east and it brings ample of energy and light within your home. Moreover, the North-East is also a good direction for the main entrance.

2- Location of the Kitchen should be in the South-East corner; this, in fact, is the best direction.

3- Bedroom should not be near the main entrance and should be in the South-West of the house. Rectangular and square shaped have a positive Vaastu.

4- Toilets, pooja room, and kitchen should not be adjacent to one another.

5- Bathrooms should be located in the North-West of the room; another favorable corner is South-East.

These days a lot of Vaastu related decorative items are available in the market, placing them at strategic points will help create positive vibes and energy. By keeping these couple of things in mind, one can create your perfect dream house!

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