Give Your Home a Festive Touch with These Simple Tips ?>

Give Your Home a Festive Touch with These Simple Tips

India is one country in the whole world where people of different religion and cultural value lives in harmony in the midst of diversity. This gives us many reasons to celebrate various festivities in the country. But the onset of Durga puja and Diwali are believed to be very auspicious time when people get more focused in cleaning and decorating their homes to invite the Goddess of luck and prosperity.

Festivals not only brings smile on our faces but also gives us a reason to celebrate the essence of life through several colors and gaiety, gifts, delectable food and so on.

When we talk about fun and joy, a bright and happy home cannot be a thing to miss. As the saying goes, all that glitters may not be gold, but it will certainly add glamour to your home this Diwali. So here we bring you few easy yet effective tips to make your home more inviting during this festive season.

1-Layout Change:

Layout Change









Rearrange your furniture; this will change the entire feel of your décor. Just shifting that couch or other furniture can do wonders with your interior design and give it a new look.

2-Add Artifacts:

Add Artifacts







Adding décor elements like artifacts will automatically make the boring corners of your interiors looks brighter and thus, lighting up dull areas can create a festive look within your home.

3-Live Up the Walls

Live Up the Walls








Liven up walls with color and texture so that they improve your feelings, emotions and mood and also influence others.

4-Use Candles:

 Use Candles







Ceramic incense stick holders will give a holistic aroma. Aromatic candles such as cinnamon, vanilla, or rose all give a warm feeling.

5-Highlight Plants

Highlight Plants







Plants décor is also a good idea to uplift the mood and develop a sense of festivities in your surroundings. However, it not only improves the beauty but highlights the spaces.

6-A Little Rearrangement

Little Rearrangement







Rearrange your furniture, this will change the entire feel of your décor. Just shifting that couch to another corner and placing a set of ottomans at the foot of sofa can do wonders with your interior design.

7-Well lit home, this festive season








A Rangoli at your entrance GATE is also a easy and cheapest way will that can add sprit to your home décor. Put Lamps/diyas at the entrance and add fresh flowers to make it very welcoming.  So try to add these things and tips to revamp the inside and outside in this festive season.

So make this festive season more welcoming and boost the spiritual proposition of your home.

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